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Harvesting berries

Mulberry fruit has a delicious intense sweet-sour taste. Ripe, black mulberries are very fragile and so are not sold commercially. If you want to eat, or cook with them, you have to harvest them yourself in late July/early August. Handpick the berries or gently shake them off the tree onto a clean sheet. They will turn mushy quickly, so either eat or freeze them immediately. Beware, the berries can stain!


Mulberries work well as a substitute for blackberries or raspberries in recipes. They make excellent ice cream, juices, fools, cakes, and summer puddings, as well as jellies and jams.

The team harvested black mulberries from the St Margaret's House and Victoria Park trees to freeze for use throughout the project. Some of the berries were used in a mulberry tasting event later in the year when St Margaret's House cafe kindly made a number of delicious vegan sample products including mulberry lemonade, almond cake, and cheese cake with mulberry jelly.

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