An art-science collaboration between artists Sara Heywood & Jane Watt, and

Dr David Chau



Mulberry - Tree of Plenty is a collaborative project between artists Sara Heywood & Jane Watt, and UCL science researcher Dr David Chau. The project explores how the iconic mulberry tree (Morus nigra and Morus alba) can be used as a vehicle to stimulate discussion, debate and engagement in cutting-edge research and applications in biotechnology, heritage and contemporary engaged art practice.


Researcher and artists are working with community participants and St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, on a journey to learn more about this iconic tree in Bethnal Green, east London. Together they are exploring local heritage through walks, mulberry tasting, desktop microscopy and imaging of fruit, leaves and pollen, gel formation, fabrication and profiling, skeletonisation/ ghosting of leaves, ink making and drawing, nurturing and growing tree samples.

The project is commissioned as part of Trellis: a UCL Culture and UCL East Programme and supported by St Margaret’s House.


Join mulberry tree expert Peter Coles (Morus Londinium) and local mulberry tree campaigner Jaime Rory Lucy on 'A Walk Around Bethnal Green' as they discuss the heritage of these fascinating trees.

Sara Heywood & Jane Watt

Heywood & Watt have developed and presented socially engaged art projects independently and collaboratively for over twenty years. They apply analogue and digital techniques to drawing, installation, performance, film, photography, audio and sculpture. Intrinsic to their practice is a shared interest in developing partnership and collaborations through active dialogue with people and place resulting in often playful and unexpected interventions. Projects include The Bird Hide, Royal Docklands, London, Trip the Light Fantastic, Central St Martin’s, Islington Council with TfL at Archway, London and Cabinet of Curiosities, Darwin Green, Cambridge. Their most recent public commission Reflections on Home involved over 250 local people on the Alton Estate, Roehampton, resulting in a series of interactive sound sculptures, performance walks and mobile walking app.     |    Insta: @sara.heywood   |    Insta: @janewattprojects

David Chau

Chau originally trained as a chemical engineer before gaining an interest in biotechnology completing BEng and MSc at University of Birmingham. He specialises in the development and (re)purposing of materials for novel uses including healthcare, drug development, the environment and sustainability. Following his PhD in Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials (Nottingham Trent/Aston University) which cumulated in the publication of several papers and a worldwide patent, he went on to pursue a Postdoctoral Research Associate under Professors Shakesheff and Ghaemmaghami (University of Nottingham) in Tissue Engineering/Advanced Drug Delivery before joining the Cell and Organism Engineering Laboratory of Professor Alan Tunnacliffe (University of Cambridge). Chau is currently Associate Professor in Biomaterials and Allied Subjects at the Eastman Dental Institute, UCL.

Twitter: @dyschau



Take part in a programme of FREE online and hands-on art-science workshops at:

St Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PL

Saturday 17 October 2- 4pm
Mulberry Taste & Virtual Walk



Join us in the Chapel at

St Margaret’s House for a virtual walk to discover the stories and heritage of the mulberry trees of Bethnal Green. You will also get a chance to sample some mulberry products made by

St Margaret’s House café, using berries from their very own mulberry tree.

Saturday 14 November 
2- 3.20pm
Botanical Ink Drawing


Explore colour, texture and shape through drawing with botanical inks from mulberry berries and leaves with artists Sara Heywood & Jane Watt.

Saturday 28 November 2-3pm
Mulberry Under the Microscope - ONLINE


Investigate different parts of the mulberry tree and how some of the materials can be used in science and medicine through scientific experiments with

Dr David Chau including microscopy and skeletonization.


The programme of FREE sessions is open to all ages and abilities. All sessions will be led by professional and experienced workshop leaders and will adhere to current social distancing guidance. Numbers are limited and booking is essential.


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Mulberry - Tree of Plenty is commissioned as part of Trellis: a UCL Culture and UCL East programme. Supported by St Margaret’s House.

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